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2016 – Match Conditions

MWBL Games Played 2015

MWBL Senior Games Played 2016

MWBL Junior Games Played 2016

2016 – Senior Match Conditions for Finals

2016 – U17 Match 2016 – Conditions for Finals

2016 – U13 & U15 match Conditions for Finals

MWBL By-Laws – Updated February 2014

MWBL Statement of Purposes & Rules – Updated February 2014

MWBL Match Conditions 2015

Speed Up Rule 2015

MWBL Match Report Sheet – 2014 / MWBL Match Report Sheet – 2014 (Word)

MWBL New Player Clearance Form / MWBL New Player Clearance Form (Word)

New Player Registration Form – 2012 / New Player Registration Form – 2012 (Word)

MWBL Team Nomination Form

MWBL Clearance appeal application Form

Dual Registration Form / Dual Registration Form (Word)

MWBL Junior Funding / MWBL Junior Funding (Word)

MWBL Special Consideration Form / Special Consideration Form (Word)

MWBL Club Application Form / MWBL Club Application Form (Word)

MWBL Composite Team Form / MWBL Composite Team Form (Word)

MWBL-Umpires-Ejection-Report / MWBL-Umpires-Ejection-Report (Word)

ABF Baseball Rules 6th Edition 2012

ABF Anti-Harrassment Policy

ABF Member Protection Policy

MWBL Social Media Policy

MWBL Rep Teams Code of Conducts

MWBL & BV Lightning Policy

MWBL Statement of Purposes and Rules – Updated March 2010