Return to Play – the Good, the Bad and the Waiting Game

Everyone following any sort of news source in Victoria (and in the current climate, that should mean EVERYONE), is now aware that the State Government has re-introduced some of the restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As of last Sunday, the restrictions around Baseball have been re-established, so we have now moved back to groups of only 10 per senior training group.

Tonight, the Winter Associations again met with Baseball Victoria, followed by the clubs meeting with BV. Tomorrow night, the MWBL Delegates meeting will be held to discuss the updated information that we have at this stage.

We want to keep you – our members informed as much as possible. Unfortunately, as has proven the case constantly through this pandemic, information changes so quickly, we are not always able to fully disseminate the information to the clubs and the members.

Junior Baseball

We are VERY pleased to be able to tell you that Junior Baseball is returning (subject to further government restrictions). As of now, Junior Baseball is able to start full contact training, and the MWBL and the Clubs have determined a start date of July 11th, 2020 (the last Saturday of school holidays).

This is fantastic news for clubs, to be able to work through their junior squads, and get the kids running around the diamond again!

Junior Registrations will be required prior to playing – more information for this will be coming out as soon as possible.

Senior Baseball

As of tonight, it is very unclear on the status of the Senior season. We had tentatively booked in start dates for Senior Baseball, as July 25th, 2020, but with the changes to the restrictions, the release of contact sports (we are deemed a limited contact sport) has been delayed.

This means we are in a holding pattern, until the government decides if the senior seasons across all sports will be able to go ahead or not.

We know there has been excitement building over the start date of a season, and we are absolutely gutted by this turn of events, as we are sure you all will be.

Remember – you must have registered for Return to Activity prior to training.


The COVID-19 pandemic is NOT OVER. It is important all clubs, members, and spectators take this seriously.

Remember, if you feel sick – get tested, and isolate until you receive your results.

Now, more then ever, it is important that we maintain all social distancing, and adhere to the Government’s instructions, so we can continue the suppression strategy, and get back the sport we love.

Remember, you can load up the COVIDsafe app to assist in contact tracing of potential cases of COVID-19.

For up-to-date information on keeping your family safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services website here

More Changes

Some more changes that are key to your ability to get some training and club management are:

  1. Undercover Batting Cages are now able to be used. These are subject to limitations – including the square meter requirements per person, social distancing and group limitations.
  2. Facilities and change rooms may be available for use – but only after your local government has signed off on their usage. Remember social distancing and restrictions based on size apply.
  3. Juniors are now covered by the return to play requirements – they need to sanitize before and after (no longer every 20 minutes). Check full requirements as per the documentation provided by BV.
  4. Training is still setup as a GET IN, TRAIN, GET OUT environment.
  5. Canteens will be able to open for Junior Competitions – but only when the competition starts. Bars and Canteens are not approved for opening for training times.
  6. In person committee meetings are allowed, with a limit of 10 people gathered in one space, minimum 1.5m between participants, and cleaning requirements adhered to. The MWBL recommends continuing meeting via Video Conferencing where possible, or ensuring you maintain that option even when meeting in person.

More Information

Please remember to continue to read the Baseball Victoria guidelines, expectations and rules around the COVID-19 situation. They are updating information on their website

Please review the FAQ published by Baseball Victoria Here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.