Return to Activity

As most will be aware, clubs have started returning to activity / training in the last 2 weeks.  Restrictions continue to evolve from the state government, seeing the maximum size of groups increase from 10 to 20 people.

This return to activity has initiated the inevitable question.

When are we going to start playing?

I know it’s a question we are being asked consistently.  Unfortunately, its not a question we currently have an answer for.

All of the Winter Associations are working with Baseball Victoria in an effort to plan and prepare for seasons to start as soon as possible.

But all of this preparation is reliant on one thing – the State Government.  Until the State Government sets a Return to Play date, we cannot begin our season.

At this stage, we are hoping for a July return to play, and we are preparing for this target, but we cannot guarantee anything until the State Government announces a date, and Baseball Victoria and the Winter Associations review any requirements set for the return to play.

However, at this point, there is something YOU can help us with.

With the Return to Activity in effect, and our hope that the State Government will announce a Return to Play plan later in this month, we would like to ask you a favour.

Please contact your clubs.  If you are interested in playing, let your club know.  If you will not be playing in 2020 – please let your club know.  If you will only play under certain circumstances, whether financial, or season starting by a certain time, please let your club know.

The more information your clubs have about the number of people playing in 2020, the better the decisions the league can make in terms of structures for the leagues, and organisation for getting players taking the field!

I wish I had better news, with more information about starting the 2020 season, but we do need your assistance in getting prepared.  Every voice matters.

Please stay safe, look after yourselves and your families.

Slade Squire
MWBL President