COVID-19 Update – 2/5/2020

Most of you will now have heard from the Federal Government they are considering the relaxation of community restrictions.

This change of stance is the beginning of getting back to baseball and other community sports.

We are working with Baseball Victoria, who in turn are working with the State and Federal bodies, to try and provide information about possible returns to the field, and what that will look like.

In a recent update by the AIS, they have provided information about a return to sport, using a leveled system. That will mean that we are able to begin training in groups of 10 or less, followed in the future by a return to competition. If you are interested in the documentation, please see here.

Whilst there are no time frames at the current point for these changes, the Federal Government has advised it would be reviewing these guidelines on Friday, with the State Government saying it will review options at the end of the State of Emergency on May 11th. We will not know any more information prior to this, and are meeting with Baseball Victoria on May 12th to discuss outcomes.

One thing the Federal Government has made clear is that it views the uptake of the COVIDsafe app for smartphones a measurable in how quickly they will allow a relaxation of restrictions.

We at the MWBL are not advising that anyone that they should or shouldn’t download this application. Personally, I’ve downloaded the application, after reading some information from developers who have reviewed the app (not the source code, as its not released). However, downloading the app will increase the chances of taking the field sooner in my opinion. Most people have much more malicious apps on their phones thanks to games that get downloaded.

I understand this is not the update that everyone wanted, and we are not able to release exact or in depth information at this point. We are working to release information as quickly as possible, but as I’m sure you all understand, this information is changing rapidly, and we do not want to mis-inform you all.

If you have any concerns, or would like to discuss any options with me, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you and stay safe.

Slade Squire
MWBL President.