COVID-19 Update – 17/05/2020

Hi Players, Clubs and Supporters,

As everyone has heard at this stage, the State Government has announced an easing on restrictions with up to 10 people allowed to congregate outdoors. It also flagged a return to orgranised trainings.

The MWBL has been working with all Winter Associations and Baseball Victoria to work through the requirements and plans for the return of baseball.

To be very clear: At the current time there is still no baseball activity allowed or sanctioned by Baseball Victoria.

However, we are working with Councils and Baseball Victoria to work out the path to returning to club training sessions. Baseball Victoria has advised on their COVID-19 update page that they are currently investigating the safest way for clubs to return to training.

The MWBL will be meeting with clubs this week, to discuss potential requirements and timelines as more information comes to hand.

We truly appreciate your patience in this, as we try desperately to get baseballers back on the diamond.

We hope you, your families and all our extended baseball communities are keeping safe and well.

Slade Squire