COVID-19 Update

As everyone is no doubt aware Coronavirus or COVID-19 is affecting our communities far and wide.

It is a serious threat that has seen the State and Federal governments taking unprecedented steps to try and slow down the distribution of the virus, by halting major sporting events, and mass gatherings of people.

This also affects our sporting communities at all levels.

We understand that there is a desire to know what the Melbourne Winter Baseball League stance is on the COVID-19 situation, and how it will affect the 2020 season.

At this point, the MWBL board is reviewing the information set forward by the governing bodies, both parliament, the Baseball Victoria association, and the best advice of all interested parties.

While we do want to provide clear plans for the 2020 seasons, we need to temper this with the knowledge that our season is not due to start for another month, and the advice is changing daily.

To that end, we are organising to meet as a board at the end of this week, to determine the best course of action for the MWBL, the clubs and ultimately our playing members. We will be taking player and community safety as our number 1 and only driving force in making decisions around the 2020 playing season.

As of right now, there will be no more face to face meetings, such as Senior and Junior delegates meetings run at a league level. We will be investigating options of dial in meetings until further notice.

If you have any questions or concerns around the COVID-19 outbreak, and the leagues response, I would request you email me, or our league administrator, so we can raise them as part of our response planning meeting.

Thank you all for your concern, and I will keep everyone updated as we get more information.

Slade Squire
MWBL President