COVID-19 Update – March 17th 2020

Tonight, the Winter Leagues across Victoria met with Baseball Victoria.  This follows the information that has been shared by Baseball Victoria today, and has been widely shared today.

As of right now, all baseball operations have been halted, effective immediately for 3 weeks, until April 7th, where re-assessment will be conducted.

The Winter Associations/Leagues are all working with BV, to co-ordinate, inform and plan for this major and intense event.  As we are all governed by Baseball Victoria, I would advise everyone to ensure they are following the BV Facebook page ( and regularly checking the Baseball Victoria website for updates ( .

As you can imagine, the situation is continually evolving, and as such, everyone needs to keep monitoring updates from all areas, to make the best decisions for our players and community as possible.

What does this mean for your clubs, your baseball?

  • No more in-person meetings (Committee’s, etc)
  • No trainings for either junior or senior levels
  • No come and try days
  • No baseball, or club activity of any kind.

Please make no mistake.  This is a very serious edict, and one that we are absolutely urging you all, and all clubs to take very seriously.  With the current state of affairs in Australia, and the world, we trust this will be followed with the seriousness that it deserves, but without panic.

So, what is the future for the 2020 season?

The MWBL is working with Baseball Victoria, and all the winter leagues / associations / clubs to devise a plan for the 2020 season.

At this point, with the season still into the future, and outside of the quarantine period, we are hoping to continue our season unaltered.  However, prudency will mean that we will need to consider all options before the time arises.

If the season can begin on April 18th as planned, we will be working with clubs to ensure we are all prepared for the season start, and assisting with all preparations possible.  We will also be working with Baseball Victoria to ensure a smooth start to the season, and coverage for any issues requiring assistance.

If the season starts appears as though it will be delayed by this unprecedented event, we will communicate plans as quickly as practical.  We are meeting and discussing possible options for what this will look like from a playing / fixturing / competition structure point of view.  As the board works through these possibilities, rest assured we will be working with the clubs to ensure the options we are looking at are acceptable, and practical.