Round 11: Research v Watsonia

WITH most Melbourne Winter Baseball League A grade games cancelled on Saturday due to the weather, Watsonia were thrilled to get a game in against Research which gave them a 6 to 3 win.

Watsonia coach Jarryd Rogers said the win was crucial for them, now leaving them a game clear in third place.

Rogers said they only squeezed in four innings and that both teams hit the ball extremely well, despite the horrid conditions.

Research coach Travis Murphy said they were still hoping the game would be deemed a draw due to the limited amount of time they were on the field. A minimum of 60 minutes is required and the teams were out there for only a little longer than that.

“There was a patch there where it wasn’t raining, so it was deemed safe to play. We didn’t really get a warm up so our pitcher was a bit underdone. He gave up six runs but Tom Dicker, myself and Leigh McKay hit home runs for our three runs. We have a must win game next week against Melbourne University,” Murphy said. Watsonia will host league leaders North Balwyn next week and Rogers said they were going in to the game confident.