Battle of the Saints in not so heavenly conditions


Ringwood Saints continue to win beating a strong Watsonia Saints

By Sally Heppleston

IN THE battle of the Saints, Ringwood prevailed 8-1 over Watsonia in round eight of the Melbourne Winter Baseball League A Grade competition.

The rain held off for Saturday’s game at Proclamation Park with Ringwood having their best game for the season, according to coach Adam Bright.

“It was the battle of the Saints today, but we probably had our best game for the season. It was a good win,” Bright said.

“They have been travelling really well with really good pitching. We really turned it around after a bit of a shocker last week,” Bright said.

“Pitcher Wes DeJong got us off to a quality start and Blake Hodgson closed the game out and looked strong out there. We hit well through the order and it was a good all around team effort. From a spectators point of view, it was a great game to watch, too,” Bright said.

Watsonia coach Adam Burton said his side needed to figure out a way to get more runs on the board. He said they were a pitching side and relied too much on that part of their game, and against tough opposition, they could easily be “showed up”.

“We’ve been ok this year, without being great. We have a bit of work to do. Ringwood hit the ball very well. Lewis Weldon was good for us with four hits, but there weren’t many others. We need to find a way to improve,” Burton said.

He said Michael Formisano had a reasonable game on the mound.

Ringwood now sit in third position on the ladder while Watsonia have dropped to fifth.