A Third Generation Starts at Knox

Knox BC

By Sally Heppleston 

BASEBALL is synonymous with the Rice family. David Rice is the secretary and treasurer of the Knox Baseball Club, and last week he had one of his greatest baseball wishes come true with three generations from his family all taking the field on the one day.

David played in the EL division, son Adrian played for A Reserve and grandson Joshua, almost four, played t-ball for the club.

“It was a very special day for the family,” David said.

“My dad started playing at Knox a long time ago. He’s passed away now, but I did look to the sky a few times for him on the day,” he said.

David has played about 650 games for the club and Adrian about 320. His other son Leon also plays baseball in Perth.

David said he thought Joshua had a bright future in the sport.

“He loves it, he’s right in to it. He’s got twins 15 months younger and this has been a good chance for him to really come in to his own.”

David said results on the day were mixed with his team winning and Adrian’s losing, but that results didn’t matter because it was such a special occasion for the family.